More Than Just Self Improvement, A Holistic Development Experience

As per WHO, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

We are promoting all aspects of Personal Development in a nurturing environment.

Physical Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing

Social wellbeing

Spiritual wellbeing

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What is The Bookwishes Club Self Development Center?

The Bookwishes Club App


Our Self Development mobile App is carefully handcrafted for recording and tracking certain aspects of Self Development

Physical activity recording & tracking

Reading activity recording and tracking

Relationship Tool

Meditation timer and tracking

Events management

Regular assessments

Self development community management

Health tracking

Tips sharing

Community building

About The Community

The Bookwishes Club is a self development community which aims to assist countless individuals to carry out their personal development requirements.

Every individual has a lot of hidden potential within. Quiet often they are unaware of their inbuilt potential. Once the potential is uncovered, it can lead to extraordinary achievements. Our community is based on the psychological and physiological principles which can help individuals uncover the fire within them.

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Upcoming Events

Public Speaking

Mastering the art of Public Speaking

Mahalaxmisthan, Lalitpur
Event Dates:
July 21, 2024